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Medical devices have been the starting point and the initial focus of our business since 1998. They include high technology medical devices for drug administration, hemodynamic monitoring devices, medical device accessories and health care materials.  

We fully undertake installation and technical support of hospital products around Greece, offering specialized human resources and adequate technical equipment to cover any need.


Drug Administration
Electronic pumps for the administration of drugs and liquid solutions
Plum Pump 360™


Safety, Operation and Economy Standard

Two Lines of Simultaneous Administration, a single Disposable Accessory

  • Administration from Containers and Common Syringes
  • Closed cassette system with Airlock
  • Programming options for all administration needs
  • Drug list for better Safety
  • High definition screen with inclination of 10,5°, visible from all angles
  • Automated restart of the administration after upstream occlusion alarm
  • A full range of accessories that cover all administration needs


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Sapphire™ Multi -Therapy Infusion Kit


High demand administration

Small size and weight, smart navigation touch screen with integrated wireless technology

  • 7 different administration operations for every need
  • Precision of ±2,5% accuracy for the whole administration range
  • Loading dose administration by the User
  • Special ergonomic bolus handle for on demand administration
  • Administration set protection with a special safety port


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Sapphire Η100™ Infusion Kit


Patient-oriented Simplicity in administration

Quick operation response

  • It facilitates the initial cassette ventilation with a special button

Smart and easy programming

  • Helps avoiding programming errors
  • Easy reading of important information on an overview screen

Sense of Confidence

  • Special protection mechanism against drug free flows
  • A selection of latex and DEHP free administration sets
  • Incorporated safety operations such as occlusion sensors as well as detectors of air bubbles in the administration line
  • Event history log of up to 8,000 events
  • Safety lock operations that protect the Medical Specialist and the Patients.


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Mechanically controlled administration pumps for drugs and liquid solutions
Abbocath-T vein catheters sized 14-26G and Safety catheters 2-3 lumen Central Venous Access Catheters 19-25G Venipuncture Butterfly needles Drug administration extensions of various sizes
Hemodynamic Monitoring
Pressure transducer (single/double/safety) CCO/SVO2 PA (Pulmonary Artery) Catheters High pressure arterial extensions of various sizes
Disposable Health care accessories
OR and ICU 2&3 lt Suction bags Various disposable Health care Accessories

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