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We strictly follow all relevant legal provisions and regulations and, additionally, we implement complementary internal quality control procedures in order to acquire a thorough and well-documented understanding of the product’s safe management before we launch it to the market.

Safety profile inspection is continuously evaluated for all drugs in the market, by assessing the product’s risk/benefit ratio.

Being aware of the high responsibility we bear and having health protection and legal compliance always in mind, we implement an integrated pharmacovigilance system which:

  • Includes an in-house Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance in the European Economic Area (EEA QPPV) and an external partner with many years of experience and specific qualifications in the Healthcare sector.
  • Conducts regular training programs on pharmacovigilance issues, which are organized for the company’s HR.
  • Sees to the effective and functional communication with the pharmaceutical authorities, with Health Professionals and with patients in order to receive reports on adverse reactions.
  • Has a regular communication with all control and production networks of the companies we represent and with official bodies in Greece and in the European Union, in order to acquire direct and valid information on the pharmaceutical products we offer.

Please inform us on any adverse reaction related to any of our company’s drugs in one of the following ways:

Mail-icon+30 210 6136332 (working days and hours)


Mail-icon+30 210 8045712 (non working days and hours)




Mail-iconComplete the Adverse Reaction Report e-form


    Please fill in the following information in order to report any adverse reaction that has appeared on the patients who receive a pharmaceutical product of our company.

    On your report, please include as much information as possible, including information on the patient's medical history, any co-administered drugs, as well as the date of the beginning of the treatment and other adverse reactions.