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GALILEE Palliative Care Unit

Our core value is promoting health and supporting socially vulnerable groups. That’s why we are by the side of GALILEE Palliative Care Unit’s patients, supporting the newly opened hospitality unit for cancer sufferers.

We hope that GALILEE will act as a trigger for the creation of many other Palliative Care Units throughout Greece.

GALILEE Palliative Care Unit


On the 1st of October, we were proud advocates of the mission of “Alma Zois” and present as always at the Greece Race for the Cure®, launching Letspap, the first Greek application addressing itself to woman’s health. (www.letspap.gr)

Promoting your health always makes us happy!

H AENORASIS συμμετέχει για δεύτερη συνεχόμενη χρονιά στο Greece Race for the Cure®, που διοργανώνεται από τον Πανελλήνιο Σύλλογο Γυναικών με Καρκίνο του Μαστού Άλμα Ζωής


No Finish Line for the Aenorasis team! From April 26th to April 30th, we ran 300 kilometers at No Finish Line Athens 2017 and we are proud for it. In this way we supported the association “Together for the Child”.
A union of non-profit NGOs, that work in the field of child welfare.



On September 25 2016, we were dynamically present in the fight against breast cancer that was organized and started in Zappeion.
It was a unique experience for a significant purpose.

Aenorasis GreeceRace4theCure

Aenorasis Blood Bank

In collaboration with the Hellenic National Blood Donation Foundation, which is a part of the Ministry of Health, we regularly organize a volunteer blood donation and we have established a blood bank for the needs of our HR and their families.



Support the Solidarity Association “Help for the children & teenagers”

With the direct response and the significant help of the people of Aenorasis, a large number of children and teenagers’ clothes and shoes was gathered in order to support the work of
the solidarity association “Help”.

In collaboration with the toys company “Moustakas” and with “Oikonomotechniki” Seminars S.A. we sent stationery to the Solidarity Association “Help”.

Our active participation and our cooperation helped cover a large part of the need for clothes and stationery of the Association for 2016.



Road Safety Day Event

etairiki-koinoniki-efthini-anthropino-dynamiko2With the aim to raise awareness on Road Safety issues and in cooperation with the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas”, we organized a Road Safety Day event for the drivers of Aenorasis company cars.

The event, which was successfully completed, included two basic units:

Α. Screening of Educational/ Informative videos by the speakers of R.D.I. “Panos Mylonas”
Β. Experiential learning with the use of simulators and interactive activities :

  • Use of special training driving simulator
  • Simulation of car overturn
  • Simulation of collision wearing a seat belt
  • A device for accurate calculation of the response time and the immobilization distance for every driver and in different circumstances
  • Scaling the ratio weight/ speed during collision
  • Alcohol Impairment simulation goggles
  • Activities that distract us