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AENORASIS S.A. is aware of its environmental responsibilities and systematically adapts business practices in line with environmental protection and natural resources saving policies. At the same time, AENORASIS S.A. ensures that its commercial operations burdens the natural environment to a minimum and is in accordance with the Greek and EU environmental legislation.

For this purpose, AENORASIS S.A. develops and implements an Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard and ensures that:

  • Takes measures to protect the environment in compliance with environmental legislation and guidelines.
  • Establishes, documents and revises environmental objectives, taking into account environmental parameters, technological developments, financial and operational requirements.
  • Adopts specific environmental controls in its internal operations.
  • Improves its overall environmental behavior especially with respect to Environmental Pollution and Emergency Risks.
  • Promotes open communication among stakeholders in a spirit of honesty and mutual respect.
  • Consolidates the concept of ecological sensitivity and the vision of environmental protection among all company employees.
  • Operates in a way that ensures environmental protection as well as health and safety of its employees and the local community and the public.

Environmental Management Manager ensures that the Environmental Management System’s documented procedures are communicated to all related personnel, are fully understood, implemented and respected at all levels of both the organizational structure and its commercial operation (services provided and/or products offered).

AENORASIS S.A.’s Top Management is committed to fully and effectively implement the Environmental Management System and that all the necessary resources for its continuous and uninterrupted operation and improvement will be provided. In order to achieve this, AENORASIS S.A. takes all necessary measures for:

  1. employees training
  2. periodically review of procedures
  3. continuous improvement of its environmental performance

AENORASIS S.A.’s Top Management is aware of its environmental responsibility and is committed to its vision for the company’s contribution to environmental protection.

May 16, 2023
Chief Executive Officer